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Award Winning Outsourced Mental Health


Remedy @ Work is an award winning visionary service from the Worlds Most Exclusive Treatment Center.

We provide businesses of all sizes an on-demand Occupational Mental health & Emotional Safety Solution, keeping you ahead of Mental Health legislation and enhanced protection from lawsuit and tribunal claims.


Remedy @ Work is a complete 360 degree outsourced solution for your internal Mental Wellbeing requirements. We are not an ‘Employee Assistance Program’. Remedy @ Work is primarily a Corporate Protection Solution, implementing World Class Occupational Mental Health services to your entire staff.

These services are designed to satisfy and exceed current legislation and our products have built in future proofing to adapt to changing legal frameworks around the World.

Mental Health First-Aid

Full Mental Health First-Aid service for your entire business, facilitated by a team of Remedy Wellbeing professionals who have many years of experience helping executives and employess navigate their own path through burnout, stress, anxiety, grief, divorce, crisis, addiction and a vast range of wellbeing concerns.

Internal Policies & Procedures

Remedy @ Work will draft and help implement updates to your Health & Safety Handbooks and Policies, ensuring these are updated in accordance with new Mental Health in the Workplace legislation.

Fully Managed Escalation

When our Mental Health First Aid team identify an issue with a member of staff during a call directly related to the Workplace environment this is immediately escalated to a designated HR Manager and the employee is offered immediate counselling by our qualified and licensed staff. Incidents include those of alleged racism, sexual miscounduct, bullying, witnessing a disturbing event and work related burnout i.e. all incidents for which you as an employer may be deemed responsible.

For employees suffering with mental health concerns not originating or triggered by the work environment we offer continued mental health coaching over a pre-determined number of sessions and / or counselling. These non-work related issues are not escalated to HR and they will be handled discreetly and professionally by our team.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response procedures for when our frontline Mental Health First Aiders identify an immediate threat of harm to self or others. An email alert is immediately sent to a response team within the Organisation for follow up and we will alert the emergency services if the situation dictates i.e. potential active shooter situations or other threats of harm.

After Emergency situations all affected staff can be immediately referred for counselling via our Emergcy 24/7 pathways in line with your expected duty of care as an employer.

On-Demand Access to Mental Health Advisory Services

Our Corporate clients are able to contact us anytime about issues such as mental health requirements for staff, orgainsational advice and what training might be required. They are able to check in on policies they may need to produce, or to qualify any information they’ve been given.

Identification of Trends in Your Workplace

Receive a Quartely Report with anonymised data about they key issues affecting your organisation, together with recommendations and immediate action points.

Coaching & Follow Up

Our mental health crisis coaches follow up regularly with your staff who have engaged our services using a risk based approach. We are always available for your staff.

Access to a Full Suite of Mental Health Services for Staff

As part of Remedy Wellbeing, the Worlds Most Exclusive Treatment Center, our Corporate Clients have access to a full range of bespoke mental health treatments for individuals accross all levels of the business, for all unanticipated crises.

Initial & Ongoing Training for Staff & Managers

AFull tarining is delivered during set-up and an ongoing basis for all Staff & Managers directly invloved in managaing the Corprate responsibility for employee Occupational Mental Heath and Emotional Safety.


Remedy @ Work is a turnkey and fully managed outsourced Mental Health & Emotioinal Safety solution, providing you immediate protections against current and future Health & Safety legislation  without taking valuable time and resources away from already busy dapartments such as HR.


Remedy @ Work

The multi award winning Remedy @ Work Mental Health solution is availble at a fixed rate of just $8,000 pm for companies with under 250 employees.

For companies between 250 – 500 employees the Remedy at Work costs $15,000 pm. And for companies with 500 – 1,000 staff we have a dedicated team that can assist over multiple timezones for $28,500 pm.

For fast growing businesses with less than 50 staff the Remedy @ Work is available for $2,450 per month


Outsource your entire Company Mental Health Policy on the same day. Fast and efficient setup on our HIPPA & GDPR compliant platforms and your employees can start using our services immediately. We will also provide you with HR Policy information to add to your handbook, escalation procedures and set up ongoing referral pathways if required.


Appointing Remedy Wellbeing is a highly effective way of identifying the symptoms and underlying causes of mental health problems in your workplace, and finding suitable ways in which these can be resolved. The cost of poor mental health and the potential loss of valuable members of staff will easily outweigh our monthly fixed fee.


Remedy Wellbeing in the Workplace is the Corporate offering from Remedy Welllbeing, the most exclusive treatment center in the World. Remedy is a private, international facility that specializes in the treatment of high-profile individuals. The actual Remedy center is a private escape for individuals requiring absolute discretion.




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Legislation is changing across the World and companies must provide not only a physical duty of care to their employees but a mental one as well. Businesses of all sizes need a Mental Health Policy to stay on the right side of the law. Offshoot benefits of an outstanding Mental Health Policy include reduced absenteeism, improved retention, avoidance of serious HR liabilities and a massive uptick in productivity.