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Occupational Mental Health Awards

Occupational Mental Health Innovator

Remedy @ Work from Remedy Wellbeing was awarded Occupational Mental Health Innovator 2022 by Worlds Best Rehab Magazine in conjunction with the Chambers of Commerce. The prestigious award recognizes Remedy @ Work as the leading authority on Occupational Mental Health & Emotional Safety, a dynamic and fast changing corporate environment Worldwide. Corporate Remedy was delighted to win the award for the second consecutive year representing their hard work and exceptional expertise in the sector.

Worlds Best Treatment

Remedy @ Work by Corporate Remedy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Remedy Wellbeing, the Worlds Most Exclusive Treatment Center and holder of multiple awards including International Treatment Provider of the year 2021 & 2022 and Unique Luxury Treatment Provider of the Year 2022 by Unique Rehabs Magazine. Deluxe Wellness Magazine, the global authority on Luxury Wellness awarded Remedy Wellbeing it’s first ever 6* Diamond rating for Bespoke Mental Health


Outsource your entire Company Mental Health Policy on the same day. Fast and efficient setup on our HIPPA & GDPR compliant platforms and your employees can start using our services immediately. We will also provide you with HR Policy information to add to your handbook, escalation procedures and set up ongoing referral pathways if required.


Appointing Remedy Wellbeing is a highly effective way of identifying the symptoms and underlying causes of mental health problems in your workplace, and finding suitable ways in which these can be resolved. The cost of poor mental health and the potential loss of valuable members of staff will easily outweigh our monthly fixed fee.


Remedy Wellbeing in the Workplace is the Corporate offering from Remedy Welllbeing, the most exclusive treatment center in the World. Remedy is a private, international facility that specializes in the treatment of high-profile individuals. The actual Remedy center is a private escape for individuals requiring absolute discretion.



Remedy @ Work provides a complete, done for you Occupational Mental Health & Emotional Safety solution for Businesses & Corporates Worldwide


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Award Winning Outsourced Mental Health

Complete Mental Health Solution

Remedy at Work is a visionary service from the Worlds Most Exclusive Mental Health provider. We provide businesses of all sizes a fully managed solution for Occupational Mental Health & Emotional Safety

Mental Health First Aid for Staff

Company-provided “Mental Health First Aiders” have caused unintended negative consequences. Our team of Mental Health Crisis Coaches are always on standby on a dedicated hotline for your staff

In-House Therapists

Specialist therapists are always on standby for more urgent or complex cases. Our therapists work for Remedy, this means they are the best in the World, not just some random person on an app


Critical Incident Management

We have Emergency Response procedures for when we identify an immediate threat of harm to self or others. We are also here to support staff 24/7 after any traumatic or violent workplace incident

Anonymous Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are usually just a box-checking waste of time – however anonymous exit interviews can give you the information you need to protect your company from current and future litigation

Done For You Policy Compliance

Mental Health and Safety will soon be equivalent to Occupational Health and Safety. Assessing Psychological risk is a completely new skill set. There are 13 separate psychological task risks to assess

Mental Health Advisory Service

Many companies believe having an EAP is covering their Corporate Mental Health obligations. The 2 programs are very different and this misunderstanding has left many companies with active litigation

Actionable Insights

Regular anonymised data helping you to identify new and emerging mental health trends within your workforce whatever it’s size. These reports help you to improve productivity, satisfaction and retention


Specialist Help On Demand

Our Corporate clients are able to contact us anytime about issues such as mental health requirements for staff, training, policies they may need to produce, or to qualify any information they’ve been given

Legislation is changing across the World and companies must provide not only a physical duty of care to their employees but a mental one as well. Businesses of all sizes need a Mental Health Policy to stay on the right side of the law. Offshoot benefits of an outstanding Mental Health Policy include reduced absenteeism, improved retention, avoidance of serious HR liabilities and a massive uptick in productivity.